Message from District 3 Collier County Commissioner Burt Saunders:

On June 27, Collier County Commissioners will consider a takeover of the FGUA water and sewer systems in Golden Gate City by Collier  County.  This discussion will take place June 27.  You will note that the typical FGUA water customer will see a reduction in water bills of approximately 30% since the FGUA customers will pay the same rates as current Collier County customers.  I am sending this to make sure that residents of Golden Gate City are aware of the takeover of these facilities.

This was one of the issues that I raised as I was campaigning for the District 3 County Commission seat.   I  believe this will have a great positive impact on all of the residents of Golden Gate City and will help to resolve any health problems associated with failing septic tanks in close ;proximity to potable water wells.


County considers purchase of FGUA utility in Golden Gate

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