8 a.m., Saturday, July 1, 2017
Golden Gate Fire Station #70

We have re-organized the way we post the flags along the Golden Gate Parkway medians on patriotic holidays.

Segments of the Parkway are now assigned to teams that will post flags along their designated areas. If this is your first time assisting with this project, please meet at the Fire Station on Golden Gate Parkway at 8:00 a.m., Saturday, and we will show you where and how to safely post and collect the flags.

If you have assisted before and would like to get an earlier start on your segment, you can stop by Ed Rogan’s house (1741 45th Terrace SW) as early as Friday evening to pick up your flags. Otherwise, meet at the fire station at 8 a.m. to collect your flags.

The assigned segments are posted below. ADDITIONAL HELP IS ALWAYS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!!! If you can help and have not been assigned a team, please call Kaydee at 239-398-1748 or email kaydee@tuffnews.com. The single-person teams can really use the help. If we get considerable volunteers, I will re-post the teams with the additional helpers.


Santa Barbara to Canal (52nd St.) – Pat and Gordon Spencer
Canal to 50th St. – Lee & Lizette Froloff
50th to Tropicana – JB & Dusty Holmes
Tropicana – Sunshine – Greater Naples Fire District
Sunshine to 45th St. – Anissa Karim
45th St to 44th St. – Ron Jefferson & Maria Metzger
44th St. to 43rd St. – JR and Emely Pagan
43 St. to 42nd. St. – CeCe and Louie Zenti
42nd St. to 41st St. – Erick Wingrove, Daniel Dragan
41st St to Collier Blvd. – Kaydee & Russell Tuff


To make sure the flags are uniform in their presentation, please post a flag at EVERY OTHER segment in the curbing. We will be posting flags around the entire island, not just the ends. If you have additional flags and would like to decorate around trees, that is fine.

*Please keep a count of how many flags it takes to complete your segment. This will be helpful in distribution of flags for future holidays.


Because the assignments have been divided up by streets (rather than by islands) you may find that the island extends past your designated area. Use your own judgement – if the island ends close to the street, finish it up. If there is still considerable island past your assigned street, leave it for the team for whom the area is designated. Call Kaydee (398-1748) with any questions.

Please collect your flags Tuesday evening, July 4, and return to Ed Rogan’s house

July 4th Flag Posting

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