Golden Gate Civic Association Board Meeting May 12,2014

Russell Tuff President, Secretary Carolynn Teal and Treasurer Dusty Holmes.

Treasurer Dusty Holmes stated the only expense last month was a check to Bill Arthur for $50. The balance in the checking account is now $21,821.09. Dusty opened a checking account at Iberia bank. Her report was approved and motion carried.

Fire Chief Kingman Schultz reported the merger effort is going well. The bill passed and is sitting on the governor’s desk to be approved. When that happens the vote will be put to the people on November 4 in Golden Gate and East Naples. He encouraged members to attend the next joint East Naples/Golden Gate fire board meeting at the Administrative Headquarters Station 73 on CR 951, Wednesday, May 14th. The Golden Gate Fire Board meets the same evening.

Ed Rogan is on vacation but will be here to place the flags for Memorial Day on the parkway on Saturday 24th @7 am and pick them up on Tuesday 27th @7 am.

Library Liaison Connie Bettinger updated the group on local programs at the Golden Gate Library and brought some brochures outlying current and future program information.

Most of the board was on vacation so this was a very short meeting.

May 12, 2014 General Membership Minutes