Russell Tuff, President

Thank you all for attending our visioning/goal setting meeting, Feb. 10. We had a great group of engaged people and eager to share their ideas and opinions.

There were some new faces and people were excited enough to offer to help before we even outlined a method to achieve our goals.

It was interesting to note that was there were more things about the community that residents enjoyed/liked about Golden Gate than things they felt needed to be fixed. At the end of the evening, everyone voted for their three top improvements and four main areas were prioritized for this year. They include:

  •  Improve Communications and participation with all cultures
  • Create Safer walking/bike paths throughout the community
  • Address litter in the community through education and enforcement
  • Increase Business Participation

Below is the recap of the evening.

If you would like to help us get to work in making Golden Gate Great, please use our volunteer form to tell us how you would like to help us move forward.

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Golden Gate Visioning Recap

February 10, 2014

Good Things

  1. Location – Close to everything in Collier County
  2. Active Civic Association
  3. Golden Gate High School with A rating and highest retention rates in the county.
  4. Patriotic – Only community doing a 9-1-1 Service, and putting out the flags
  5. Great diversity in the community
  6. Great diversity for worship Grace Place
  7. Has room for Commercial Improvements.
  8. The people
  9. Plenty of water, water lots, boat ramps
  10. Many Small Parks
  11. Safe community – Low crime rate
  12. Signage controls
  13. Family oriented
  14. Work Friendly
  15. Beautiful medians
  16. Great Mix of Business nearby
  17. Location of government offices in the center of town
  18. Great library
  19. Good use of resources.

Areas for Improvement

In order of voting

  1. Improve Communication and participation with all cultures
  2. Safer walking/bike paths throughout the community (Items 2, 3 and 4 were tied in priority) Including better lighting, uneven/level pathways/sidewalks, and pedestrian friendly.
  3. Litter – Education and Enforcement
  4. Increased Business Participation
  5. Finish the Improvements for Santa Barbara
  6. Need to Create an Identity/Brand
  7. Improve advertising publicity of Association
  8. Use the allotted library space for library use.
  9. Traffic Flow
  10. Build Out Water System
  11. Engage Apartment managers.

Items mentioned but receiving no votes; removal of signs after events, remove human sandwich boards

Golden Gate Visioning Recap

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