A Letter from the Greater Naples Fire Commission.

The Greater Naples Fire Rescue District Board is invited all interested parties to participate in the first Fire Service Consolidation Meeting set for Thursday, January 15th at 9:00 AM at our Administrative Headquarters.  Please see attached notice from Jeff Page.

December 31, 2014
Fire Commissioners, Union Leaders, Community at Large
During the December Board of County Commissioners Meeting there was public discussion
regarding the initiation of countywide fire service consolidation meetings between all fire
districts and interested parties.
While the Board of County Commissioners did not support enacting an ad hoc committee to lead
the consolidation discussions, they did support consolidation talks if fire districts take the lead.
Therefore, The Greater Naples Fire Rescue District Commission would like to invite all fire
districts and other interested parties to appoint one commissioner and one union representative
from each agency, and will also be inviting representatives from key civic organizations and
other interested parties to attend. I am of the impression that County Commissioner Tom
Henning and other elected officials may participate in an unofficial role, but it is key for the fire
districts to be represented, regardless of its position on fire district consolidation.
You are invited to attend the January 15th initial fire service consolidation committee meeting
beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District Administrative Headquarters
located at 14575 Collier Blvd. We sincerely request your presence and for your leadership to
share this with your Union’s leadership to ensure adequate participation. A number of us believe
that now is the time to ensure equal representation for any future talks so all fire districts may
plan accordingly.
Jeff Page
Jeff Page, Chairman
Greater Naples Fire Rescue Board of Fire Commissioners

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