Our 2014 Theme: Let’s Make the Gate Great!

russell-tuffWe’ve got some really great things happening for Golden Gate in the Civic Association world.

In addition to good progress being made in defining the roles and purpose of the new Communications Committee, and Business Partner Committee, progress is being made to develop a plan for the Safer Sidewalk/Pathways Committee, and the Litter/Education/Education Committee.

We’re excited as our Business Partner Committee held their first event with a social get together at Iberia Bank.

In addition to meeting new business owners in Golden Gate, the business people showed a strong interest to get involved in growing the business community to assist each other and help in creating a better sense of community.

Iberia Bank staff were stellar in their efforts. They showed strong support for our community as their Florida banking President came, as well as the local President.

Maria Botana and her staff at the Golden Gate branch had done a lot to make the event a great success. We see many good things coming out of this committee and enthusiasm was evident on many different levels.

Recap of the new committees and where you may want to help

  • Business Partner Committee – Chairman Maria Botana, Iberia Bank
  • Communications Committee – Chairman Guadalupe Lopez
  • Safer Sidewalk/Pathways Committee – Chairman Pat Spencer
  • Litter/Education/Enforcement – Chairman Ed Rogan

Make sure to attend the next meeting to learn of the progress and where you can help make your community a better place.

April 2014 President’s Message

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